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Power Bank Used In Our Life Is Very Extensive

Charging treasure, also known as mobile power. It's a portable power bank, and when we were out on a cellphone or tablet, we found that the battery was running out of power. When faced with such a situation, charging treasure can come in handy. We can charge your cellphone or tablet with a charge treasure. Now charging treasure is used in our life is very extensive.

Charging Po buying tips

First, it is best to buy well-known brands. Charging treasure choice of well-known brand is to enjoy the first step in the protection.

Second, the charge capacity problem. Many of my friends will only care about price issues, while ignoring the issue of charging capacity. Everyone in the purchase or according to their own needs, and now the market standard of up to several W capacity, many are exaggerated, and the actual capacity is not enough.

Third, consider the charge Po power conversion rate, charging Po is impossible to 100% conversion power to the phone, but if it can reach more than 90% of the power conversion is good.

Fourth, to buy universal products, universal charging treasure for any model charging. The consumer must ask before buying it.

Pay treasure should pay attention to what

1, not the appearance of the more beautiful the better

Buy rechargeable treasure is to charge the phone, not holding play. There are many businesses in order to lure consumers to buy, it will be doing very beautiful Charm, or even put it down. As everyone knows, it's just a cheap shell, and the key parts of the interior (boards, batteries) are terrible. So, if you do not want to frequently replace the rechargeable treasure, it is best not to be fascinated by the appearance of the rechargeable treasure.

2, not the interface is better

A lot of charging treasure itself has many interfaces, consumers feel the same price when buying the same battery capacity charging Po interface as possible. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. In use, we can easily find that if the rechargeable battery capacity or the actual power is small, some of the interface will not be able to charge the device, so these interfaces become a decoration. Not only furnishings, but also may be cumbersome, because these interface parts of the design flaws led to it even without access to equipment is also consuming electricity (such as interface with light-emitting diodes).

The number of interfaces should be based on the charge treasure battery capacity, hardware configuration and their actual needs. Generally 2-3 can be.

3, not the bigger the better

Charging the greater the capacity of treasure, it will charge our phones more times, but its own charging time may be longer, which will affect the convenience of charging Po. Of course, there are large-capacity rechargeable treasure charging time is very short, but this treasure is not safe, it may not be durable.

Also do not use the charger as a mobile phone charger, mobile phone charger (also called the charging adapter, the same below) to convert AC to DC for cell phone batteries to charge the phone, and rechargeable treasure is to use internal battery to charge the phone, our AC Will have been stable supply, not because of the more the number of cell phone charging weakened, but we charge the number of charging and discharging more, the internal battery performance will deteriorate or even broken, we will replace the rechargeable treasure or rechargeable treasure battery . Moreover, the same is to charge the phone, with the charger only two links, and charging Po but need three links, so energy efficiency, the direct use of mobile phone charger is a good choice.

4, not the higher the price the better

Consumers think that the price of a sub-goods, so the higher the price the better, in fact, this is the wrong idea, and sometimes lead us to buy expensive only do not buy right. Therefore, to buy rechargeable treasure must first study its quality with the price match.

5, pay attention to battery batteries

Charging treasure is powered by the internal battery to the phone, so the quality of the internal battery plays a decisive role in charging treasure. There are generally two types of rechargeable batteries on the market: lithium batteries and polymer lithium-ion batteries, whether in terms of safety or capacity, polymer lithium-ion batteries are better than lithium batteries.

6, pay attention to the input and output parameters

This is very important, charging treasure can not choose the input and output parameters are too high charge treasure. If you charge treasure 8000maH, its own charging time in less than 1 hour, this Po is not recommended to buy. Or if the charging treasure can give 2000maH cell phone battery within 30 minutes, such charging treasure do not buy. The main parameters of the output parameters with our original phone charger adapter output parameters almost. Of course, the input and output parameters is not as low as possible, which will extend the charging time of the rechargeable treasure or cell phone.

7, the best charge display

It is best to buy a rechargeable treasure with a power display, so that we can know very accurately how much charge left and fully charged, so as to ensure that we use the right charge treasure. When the charging treasure can not finish the charging, we can also estimate the problem according to the display of the display screen.

Charging treasure plays a very important role in our life, its appearance has brought great convenience for our going out. However, it should be noted that when we buy a rechargeable treasure should try to choose a well-known brand. Because of high-profile brand of better product quality, more secure. This article describes the brand is a guaranteed quality brand. We can rest assured that the purchase. In addition, when we buy the treasure when charging according to their own needs to choose the right size.

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