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Product Packaging

Product packaging

Products sold in stores tend to have exquisite packaging, our products also have a beautiful packaging.

The Company production and sales car charger, travel charger, mobile power bank, Bluetooth speakers and other products. Different products have different ways of packaging, the company has three product packaging.

1.Carton packaging. This packaging is the cheapest, but equally reliable. Cheap does not mean inferior, carton packaging can effectively protect the product, so that products from damage during transport. Of course, its shortcomings are not very beautiful, but this is not a very serious problem. When you sell the product, you can remove the product from the carton, directly on the shelf. You just remember to wipe it on the line.

2.Color box packaging. As with its name, the product can be protected by the box. Color box packaging can not only protect the product, and very beautiful. When you sell the product, you can remove the product from the box or not. And, you can sell the box and the product to the customer, because it's worth it.

3.Blister packaging. This packaging can be displayed directly to customers in front of the product, but also make the product less vulnerable to damage, but also save space. This package will be written in the product parameters of the color card, it is like the product manual.

Color box packaging and plastic packaging (color card) are based on your request and design changes. Such as: color, LOGO, trademarks and so on. Of course, the price of some of these packaging differences. However, the more you order, we can give you more concessions. Welcome you to purchase our products.

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