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Quality Is Culture

           Quality is culture

As known as all over the world, Shenzhen is a most international city and competitive place when the young to come true thier Chinese dream. Idle people and brain people can not survive in this cruel city. As old saying goes that survival of the fittest, same for shenzhen factory.We always remember this sentence,Quality Is Culture

Today, our company held a conference for all staffs because our ignorance cause client returned purchase. The package has great defect for inner package. This is a large order that many employee produced the good, thus, no one could find obvious mistake. So we pay larger for our mistake. Our quality monitor department are responsible for this accident.

It is no matter to blame someone for that accident. We should do our part and constantly improve the production process. The biggest enemy is yourself. We should become more carefully than before, and supervise every process. The client would be fully satisfied with tough quality with doubtful.

In production

We always remember this sentence,Quality is culture. 

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