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Quick Charge On Wireless Charging

Recently, in Shenzhen, WPC Wireless Charging Union International Conference, the wireless charging Union Chairman Menno Treffers analysis, in 2017 there will be 325 million wireless charging products, of which 300 million for mobile phones. At the same time there will be 75 million wireless mobile phone charging equipment. By 2020 wireless charging mobile phone will reach 1 billion, 2025 to reach 2 billion, 2021 charging equipment will reach 500 million in magnitude.

Obviously, after several years of development, wireless charging is in a high-speed development stage, will be a huge market.

In addition, Pennefather Wireless CEO Pan Siming said that the Chinese market has unparalleled development of genes, such as the Internet, the economic model sharing, capital operation mode, and even more than foreign markets. Application of the scene, the consumer base is large, explosive is stronger. Therefore, optimistic about the wireless charging in the Chinese market, explosive growth. At the same time, mobile phone manufacturers are expected to follow up the wireless charging in the design cycle to a year to a year and a half of the time, design, trial production, validation. Overall, the outbreak of wireless charging time point will appear in the end of 2017 to 2018 years.

Apple into the Council with the Samsung push, the wireless charging market detonated just around the clock, is expected within two to three years, most mobile phone manufacturers will follow up. But the technology in front of the industry is still difficult to cross the mountain.

On the current status of the mobile phone industry, wireless charging has not yet been a popular choice, and reasons is not because the wireless charging is not necessary to carry, but at this stage there are many short-term technology. It is due to such as the transmission distance is short, the relative position of the demanding short board, mobile phone wireless charging although the development prospects are still difficult to promote. But it is certain that once the wireless charging technology to complete, mobile phone wireless charging function will be a large area of popularity. Well, it can be said that in the industry has not yet completely detonated the background, who mastered the cutting edge of technology, who will first seize the market!

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