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Reasons For Car Breakdowns

Car breakdown is extremely deadly, especially when driving on a motorways, the sudden break of the car can lead to fatal danger. So what are the reasons that lead to break down? Today, we give you a list.

1, gearbox - neutral slip to increase the gearshift mechanism friction.

This is very damageable to the gearbox. Automatic air block when sliding due to the speed and engine speed is different from the hydraulic system in the transmission of hydraulic pressure, damage to the automatic transmission internal friction plate, and ultimately lead to gearbox failure, seriously causing an anchor.

car jump start

3, fuel pump - line burned, failed petrol supply.

Fuel pump relies on the fuel itself to cool. If the gasoline level is too low and the pump is exposed, there may be overheating pump or even burnt line situation. Over time, the car's pump life may be greatly reduced, breaking you down in the wild. So do not wait for the fuel warning lights lit before looking for gas stations.

car jump start

4, the engine - the load is too large, aging intensified.

Especially in summer, it is best to turn off the fire one or two minutes before the first turn off the air conditioning - so, in addition to dry air conditioning outlet, to prevent air conditioning within the breeding bacteria, more importantly, if the air conditioning on the flame, the next time the vehicle starts, the engine With air conditioning load start. The correct approach is to start the vehicle two or three minutes after the engine is lubricated and then open the air conditioner.

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