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Rechargeable Drink Cup --Cup Type Car Charger

Rechargeable drink cup --Cup type car charge

The cup type car charger collect multi car charger,Card storage and Cell phone storage in one.It not only convenient for your car,solve some small problems on the way,but also can be used as car decoration.


1.Original cup type car charger design

Original cup type car charger design bring more practical functions to the cup type car charger.The slot of cup inner can directly place various types of mobile phones. It not only can save the space inside the car, but also ensure the safety of charging equipment.


2.Intelligent fast charge

The cup type car charger built in protection mechanismcan which can against over current, over voltage, leakage and short circuit,cooperate with internal intelligent smart chip and make the product ensure the best charging safety.3 USB output port collocates with Intelligent fast charge can according to different from phones and pads to automatic matching supply the optimum current to the charging devices.


The cup type car charger is made of high temperature resistant PC+ABS material,high temperature resistant,fireproof,stratch-proof,corrsion resistant.The cup type car charger break the traditional way of appearance design,original design of cup type car charger.



The cup type car charger supports 3 USB output interface expansion,it can satisfy the requirements that supply power for more USB devices



The cup type car charger is as big as common thermos cup,but its shape is irregular,the streamline shape design and being artistic beauty.



The spare part of car adapter: one side is the cigarette lighter plug,non slip on both sides;either side is DC 12V terminal.




The cup type car charger is designed with a narrow and a width card slot,we can place entrance card,garage card,fuel card,parking card, ID card, credit card in this card slot.



The triangle storage slot of the cup type car charger not only can place the phone,but also suitable for placing small things such as coins, keys, etc.




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