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Smart Methods To Avoid Charging Overheat

Charging overheat is a common problem baffling many cell phone users. Overheat in charging process can cause some vital damage to our cellphone. To get acquainted with this issue, we have to know three essential concerning components:high voltage capacitors, switches and high frequency transformers. Intensive electric current running through must have accelerated the rates in heat. The surrounding temperature can also affect overheating problems.

Knowing these possible factors, how do we effectively reduce cellphone overheat as much as possible? Here we are talking about some smart methods to avoid charging overheat.

cellphone charger

1, First of all we can put it in a cool environment to charge such as air-conditioned rooms.

2, Try not to use the phone when charging. Charging will generate the charger to work more frequently than normal for some time. A long time use will reduce the life of the mobile phone charger.

3, To avoid overcharging, we must unplug cellphone charger, because even trickle charge will lead to overload operation of the phone charger.

12000mah mobile phone charger

4, The charger must be placed away from the heat source, in particular, to avoid heating side, so as not to cause overheating problems owing to warm temperature.

Of course these are some very simple heads-up for any cellphone users. As long as we pay some heeds to safety phone use, overheat is no longer a problem.

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