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Solution To Common Failures Of Mobile Phone Charger

1. Failure to charge your phone even with power.

If the mobile phone charger with power can not charge digital equipment, the first consideration of the problem is charging USB cable malfunction. Some manufacturers produce low quality USB cable that can’t last long in order to save costs. You can change a rechargeable cable to see if it works fine.

If your phone still cannot be charged, and the USB cable is perfectly fine, then it is likely that the output USB port of your charger went wrong. You should contact after-sale service of your phone for technical assistance. Do not own unauthorized repair.

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2. Failure to charge the mobile power bank itself.

First check the use of the same power adapter to see if it can directly other electronic devices other than your mobile phone charger. If it is not charging, the power adapter is the problem. If the power adapter and the charging line can be properly charged for other digital devices, then it is likely that the input of the charging treasure has failed, or there is a fault in the power indication, And if the indicator is showing the incorrectly, we recommend after-sales service for maintenance.

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3. Incorrect power indication.

Currently in the market, there are two kinds of charger indicators, one of which is the light indicator, the other is a digital LCD display. Inaccurate indication may reveal that the charger is not safe to use any more. You should buy another one with quality assurance.

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