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Some Use Attention Points Of Car Charger

Some use attention points of car charger

With the development of Automobile industry,There are various types of car charger on the market,but some of them good and the bad quality are intermingled.Even caused the accident  for improper use of car charger and nearly destroy the car.There are some use attention points of car charger.

The charging principle of car charger

The charging principle of car charger is: converted car cigarette lighter of 12V voltage to 5V USB voltage,and charge for digital electrnnics products by charging cable.generally,The car charger converted 12V direct current to 5-20V direct current to charge for vehicular mobile equipments.  

Its charateristic is: low power consumption,convinient and cheap.

First,please note that not to plug car charger before the vehicle is started to prevent damage car charger when the vehicle is starting.

Second,Don’t use the chemical liquid and detergent to wash car charger.Because it would badly damage car charger for doing so

Third,Don’t randomly place/fall/beat the car charger.Don’t use the car charger when the long term paking and the in-car teperature is over 45℃.Because it would badly damage the PCB of car charger for doing so.

Forth,we must pay attention to prevent the car charger being take in water or exposured to dam air. 

Fifth,remove the car charger after turned off the engine.Although 80% vehicle stop supply electricity after put out the key ,but there are part of cigarette lighter will keep on supplying  power.

 Finally, we have to remember Some use attention points of car charger .   


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