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Talking About The Relationship Between Power Bank Capacity And Actual Charging

Talking about the Relationship between Power Bank Capacity and Actual Charging

I believe that many people have such a confusion, obviously to buy 10000 mAh Power Bank, but to the battery capacity of only 2500 mAh mobile phone charging, often filled with three times, no power on the mobile, which in the end is how back What about it? What are the manufacturers of virtual standard capacity or other reasons? Xiaobian here for the genealogy and about this knowledge.

one. actual power

The current market price of Power Bank batteries are generally maintained at about 3.7V, so the actual power of 10,000 mAh Power Bank 3.7V × 10000mAh = 37000Wh, while the phone charging voltage of 5V, according to the law of conservation of energy, in the law of conservation Power Bank will output current boost to 5V state, the Power Bank capacitor is 37000Wh ÷ 5V = 7400mAh

two. Conversion rate

Where the 7400 mA is not the final power of mobile phones, Power Bank for the mobile phone charging process, the circuit board boost and the operation of the security chip will lose part of the power, so the conversion rate of Power Bank is generally about 85% According to 85%, the actual output of the Power Bank supply is 7400mAh × 85% = 6290mAh.

three. Environmental impact and wire loss

And then the phone can get the power is not above the 6290mAh, because the air humidity and temperature and other environmental effects, Power Bank in the process of charging the phone will have a part of the loss, and the data line itself in the process of transmitting energy Because the resistance and loss of a part of the power, so the final power to reach the phone will be lower than the 6290mAh.

four. Mobile phone itself buck

Mobile phone battery power and Power Bank is also maintained at about 3.7V, so the Power Bank transmission over the power will be in the mobile phone itself a buck treatment, the process will undoubtedly lose part of the power, which is why Many phones in the charging time will be the cause of fever.

Fives. Phone running status

In addition to buck, the state of the phone during charging will also affect the actual number of times the Power Bank is charged. If the phone in the process of charging, watching video, listening to music, watching movies and other high power consumption state, it will further affect the Power Bank for the actual number of mobile phone charging; if the phone is in the daily standby state, the actual The number of charges also have a certain impact. The ideal state is the shutdown charge, but Xiao Bian believe that not many people will shut down charging it!

I believe that we have seen here that Power Bank for mobile phone charging is not just a simple capacity divided by capacity, but many people will fall into the misunderstanding, since all Power Bank needs to go through the appeal process, then the greater the capacity of the higher conversion rate Of the Power Bank must be better and more practical bar.

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