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The “world's Greatest Power Bank” Was Born

The “world's greatest power bank” was born

It is no ordinary that it is worthy of the title of world's greatest power bank.The world's greatest power bank is Russian Academician Lomonosov which is the world's first Nuclear power station on the sea.

Nuclear power station on the sea combine Small Nuclear Reactor and ship,it can break through space limitation to move.

How big is the power bank?

The Academician Lomonosov “power bank” is 140 metres long,30 metres wide and 10 metres high,its displacement has reached 21500 tons.It can place 70 crews: Being equiped with two KLT-40 Nuclear Reactor,the max output power is 70 MW electric power and 300MV thermal power;The seawater desalination equipment of the ship is available for supply 240,000m3 fresh water for residents.


Is this power bank safe?

Nuclear power station on the sea adopted Small Nuclear Reactor with high seurity.Normally,the sea Nuclear Reactor would keep a distance from the land,Even if there is some earthquake,the seismic waves will not be transmitted by sea water,it has little effect by the earthquake,its lifetime can be 35~40 years.

what is this power bank charge for?

Academician Lomonosov connects to the coastal infrastructure,it supplies electricity for Arctic cities through by electrical cable.In addition,it also supplies electricity for offshore oil platform.Russia claimed,they plan to build a fleet of ships of Nuclear power station on the sea to provide energy for the port city and the offshore oil and gas drilling platform. They will be put into use on October 30th,2013 after testing.


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