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The Charger Will Not Be Left In Power Consumption?

The charger will not be left in power consumption?

For this problem, I have also thought that since the electricity is certainly not power consumption, until one day, a man who loves to do a bit of the experiment

   blank test

   Switch off

   Can be seen, the switch can be truly off the


Press the switch (conduction)

  Is not connected to any device, this time, there is no current 

The following formal test

 Mobile phone charger 1

 No load: power consumption 0.004W

 Although the power consumption, but really do not care about 

Charging for mobile phones (load): power consumption 6.23W

 Mobile phone charger 2

No load: power consumption 0.01W


Mobile phone charger 3

No load: power consumption: 1.00W

In the same way there are cameras, laptops and iPad

The results are the same, not all of the show here.

Come to the following conclusions:

1 take the phone, when the phone is plugged into the socket full of electricity, the charging circuit, he will automatically discharge, and then continue to charge, and continue to cycle

2 although the power consumption is not much, but the crisis still has over charge. And because the over charging circuit not every mobile phone manufacturers are doing very perfect, once the charging circuit forget cut-off current input, the battery will have excessive charging damage, it will damage the internal structure of the battery after days and months multiplying, does not work properly or can not boot or second, once the explosion or combustion, it is a terrible place

3 function machine era, mobile phone batteries are able to remove, at that time we always remember to put the mobile phone battery from the external master out of the socket, the socket and the battery to avoid long time electricity generated overheating problems, the era of intelligent machines is the same, only "Wall group" already cannot do without the power socket, everywhere find the power to charge apple and Samsung, so just forget the security sense.

What kind of charger is suitable for Apple

Some time ago, my girlfriend bought an apple mobile phone, then presented a question mark this mobile power, mobile power and apple mobile phone is indeed collocation, especially the style is almost exactly the same, it can be put to my girlfriend happy. Then I also checked the Internet information mark mobile power to know. It is the city of Shenzhen Jade Dragon Limited production, the market has now been sold very fire, also has a website, you can go and see!





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