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The Common Error Of Car Charger Usage Point Three

The common error of car charger usage point Three

The more the USB interface car charger has,the slower the charging speed

The purpose that the Manufacturers to design few USB port for car charger is for the car owners convenience to charge the devices at the same time.It have set the best output program for customers. But there are some Manufacturers that to sign the low current as the high current.The greater the current output, the higher the requirements for materials and production technology. In order to save costs, some unscrupulous manufacturers can do anything.If it is serious heating and very slowly when charge phones and pads at the same time,it means the current of the car charger is not reaching the standard,we must hurry to deprecate.


We must unplug the car charger after turning off the engine

We can hear this view in many place,in fact,most of the cigarette lighter of car charger is ACC power rather than constant power.That means this is a safe practice that we can cut off the power as soon as we turned off the engine.Even for the no power of cars is the same.Normally, the car charger is no current output in case of no load.So even if the car charger is not pulled out, but only the LED lights at work.The loss of battery power can be ignored

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