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The Correct Use Method Of Lithium Battery Cell Phone Lithium Battery

The correct use method of lithium battery cell phone lithium battery

Samsung battery factory SDI is now in an explosion storm, the Samsung Corp announced that after 70% of the battery will be provided by the Chinese battery manufacturer.SDI ALT battery provided by mobile phones, cars, tablet, notebook will be recalled.

correct use method of lithium battery

Although the use of a wide range of lithium batteries, electric cars, electric cars, mobile phones, tablets, laptops and so on are useful to the device, the security problem is still worth our understanding, so it is necessary to make a special use of mobile phone lithium battery instructions.

1 how to charge

Charging is best to be charged according to the standard time and standard methods, in particular, do not carry over 12 hours of long charging. Usually, the charging method is introduced on the phone manual, which is suitable for the standard charging method of the phone.

In addition, the mobile phone lithium battery or the battery charger will automatically stop after a charge, if your lithium batteries in full, but also put the charger white charge. And we can not guarantee the charge discharge protection circuit features and never change the quality of the battery to the battery no danger of anything going wrong, you will be in the long term dangerous around the edge. This is our long charge against another reason. At the same time, long charging takes a long time, often at night, at night in many parts of the voltage is high, and the fluctuation ability than nickel in electric charge discharge resistance fluctuation is much worse, so this brings additional risk.

2 when the normal use should start charging

In our forum, you can always see it, because the number of charging and discharging is limited, so it should be possible to use mobile phone battery rechargeable light. Once mobile phone because of low battery warning appears, still do not charge to use has been used to automatically shut down the example. The results of this example in the mobile phone in the later charge and no response in the boot, sent to customer service maintenance. This is because the battery due to excessive discharge caused by the voltage is too low, so do not have the normal charge and start-up conditions.

3 on the correct use of lithium battery mobile phone important tips

To sum up, I am the most important tips for the use of lithium battery cell phone in charge and discharge:

1, in accordance with the standard time and procedures for charging, even if it is the first three times to do so;

2, when the phone is too low, it should be started charging as much as possible;

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