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The Difference Between The Power Supply And The Battery Charger

  The difference between the power supply and the Battery Charger

  Our company mainly to do the Battery Charger, many times in the online encounter a problem: that is, the guests do not really know the power and Battery Charger what is the difference. Here to write my personal view, not the place, we educated us.

  No matter what kind of secondary battery battery (that is, you can re-charge the battery), to be able to use, must have a set of appropriate charging strategy, so that the battery energy after the battery again charge. Therefore, Battery Charger the charge is related to the following links: 1: energy providers; 2: charge control and instructions; 3 charged objects.

  The following is a brief description.

  Energy provider: the device that provides power. AC power can be AC, DC power supply, DC inverter AC power, solar cells, wind and so on.

  Charge control and instructions: that is, in accordance with a certain way to charge to ensure that the battery is full, but do not overcharge, Battery Charger while the indicator light or LCD, etc. to tell the user, what is the current state. If the battery connection is not good or wrong, but also provide status instructions. Common charging methods are: CC / CV (constant current / constant voltage, strictly speaking, should be called current limit / limit pressure), its working principle is: the battery voltage is low, limit the charging current; After the value, limit the charge voltage. Charge to a certain condition (common current reduced to a certain extent, it can be voltage, temperature, time or a specific condition), stop charging or reduce the charging current or reduce the charging voltage, while changing the color of the indicator Or lit mode.

  The power supply is not equipped with these controls and instructions. A typical example is the phone Battery Charger, nominally a Battery Charger, but in fact he is just a power supply. All the charge control and instructions, are completed in the phone inside.

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