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The Emerging Menu Power Bank Phone Charger

Today, the boom of the market economy allows businesses and consumers to change roles, in the consumer-oriented market, more businesses began to consider discount promotions and provide more personalized service to win the consumer's "heart." In life, many of my friends meet dilemma of no phone charger.


Many consumers are mobile phone addicts. Charging problem while shopping has been troubling them, but soon consumers can drink coffee in a restaurant while charging phones very quickly. The latest research and development has come up with a "menu mobile power" with the built-in charging line on both sides, and its capacity up to 13,000 mAh. This cafe power bank can not only charge tablets, but also charge three mobile phones at the same time.

A multi-purpose machine, mobile power turning into ads

Another highlight of the mobile phone products is the images can be placed on both sides of the menu power bank, consumers can eat or charge a glance to see the advertising content. This can play a brand promotion role, but also to promote consumption (such as the cafe to place their own product advertising pictures), such as shopping malls and other places of business can also be rented by mobile power advertising to increase revenue.


Safety performance

People who have used mobile power know that mobile power at work when the body will be hot, charging the phenomenon of spontaneous combustion explosion also reported, then this large-capacity cafe mobile power in public places will not use To the security risks? The staff said: "Cafe mobile power" built-in Samsung battery through the United States UL certification, circuit board through the 3C, FCC, CE, ROHS certification (to meet the mobile power export all certification), and has over-voltage, over discharge, over temperature and short circuit multiple protection, absolutely safe.

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