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The Key Chain Type Power Bank

The key chain type power bank

Power bank has been able to achieve the size of the key chain

It became a problem that the cell phone battery power is not enough,and a variety of power bank came into being.Most of companies produced the power banks regard the large size as the standard of beauty,but there are some companies go against it: The selling point of their power bank is their mini size.


The key chain type power bank looks like a U disk,head of it is a double side USB interface to its own charging,tail of it is a flat cable that can be received into the fuselage: which can be linked to the key chain, and can open it for charging cell phone.


The key chain type power bank combines three functions of charging cable,turbocharger and power bank.Its size is 87x27x12mm,with compact structure design.The key chain type power bank adaopt thin aluminum alloy material,the workmanship is better than most of cell phones.It is portable and it won’t be very cumbersome to tie it with your ken chain.


In addition the advantage of portability, its biggest feature is that it can fast charging.There is a physical switch on the body,it can realize 3 times fast charging after opening the turbine switch.It means that it is original to charge an hour,but now only need 20 minutes to be fully charge.key chain type power bank also comes with a 480 mAh backup battery which can supply power for two hours to your devices.And it also has the overvoltage protecting function.

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