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The Magic USB Cable: Can Change The Tablet Into A Power Bank

The Magic USB cable: can change the tablet into a power bank

In the era of intelligence,most of people will take along mobile phones and tablet at the same time.Generally speaking, the battery power of tablet is much larger: generally it is around 8000mAh,its ability of battery life will be much stronger. The mobile phone battery life is relatively poor ,if they can complement on each other,it should become a good things.If there is a Magic USB cable can change the tablet into a power bank, would you be interested in it?

Although iPhone has been continuously optimized,the power life of iPhone is still a big problem.When the power of you phone has run out,You can charged it with an external battery or laptop,but if the power of all these devices has run out,what shall we do?If you have other mobile phones or tablet in your hands and with this Magic USB cable, there's no problem for emergency charging.

There is a startup company fund raising activities on the Indiegogo.They claim that they have found a solution which can charge for iPhone with Android devices.This program is just a micro  USB cable which can transfer power from other tablets.One side with power display is output side,the other marked with “Power me” is being charged side. The Users can respectively connect the front interface and back interface to the more power tablet and the less power phone.With this Magic USB cable,the power can be shared from the tablet and we can change the tablet into a power bank.


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