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The Mini bend charger Which Can Curved Or Straight

The Mini Bend Charger which can curved or straight

OSCOO latest launch of a mini bend charger: OSC-CC-001.Its shell is made of all copper metal material.Its perfect shape is formed by 12 processes: Sanding,Carving,Clening,Testing,Electro polishing,Fine grinding,Polish,Highlight,Oxidation,Sand blasting,highly testing.The shell has features of High hardness, anti-rust and anti-oxidant.


The OSC-CC-001 mini bend charger use the A grade original import management chip,it can intelligent regulating current and make the power conversion rate can reach more than 90%:Faster than ordinary car charge 40%.The OSC-CC-001 mini car charger is more secure and stable.The OSC-CC-001 mini car charger with super compatibility,Can commely apply to 99.99% of the car and 99% of the mobile phones, tablet and other digital products on the market.


The OSC-CC-001 mini bend charger support Qualcomm 2.0 Quick charge: 5V/2.1A, 9V/1.67A and 12V/1.2A output,with DC 9V-28V input,the charging speed and the compatibility of the different models of cars are fully guaranteed.


The OSC-CC-001 mini car charger has compact body.In the linear type state,its 3D dimension is take up very little space and convinient to take along.


The OSC-CC-001 mini bend charger It can also rotate 90°,You can adjust the angle meets your needs.


It is also a life hammer car charger,The top contact add the new function with life hammer,to make the function of bend charger more comprehensive.

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