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The New Battery Is Not Far From The Electric Car, What Is The Main Reason?

The new battery is not far from the car, what is the main reason? Battery dealers have a headache when they encounter this problem. Generally consider the following aspects:

1, the motor. This will be the first thought. The power consumption current is large, such as motor demagnetization.

2, the controller. For example, after a period of time, the parameter drifts and the cutoff voltage is high.

3. Mechanical resistance problems. For example, insufficient tires, bearings, brakes, etc.

4, the charger is not enough.

5, the battery. Temperature difference.

6, the line.

The line problem is a soft fault, and the components are not faulty. Only the resistor is generated in the connection, and the resistor has a partial pressure, and the larger the current, the larger the partial pressure. When the new battery is turned, it will turn off the light. This problem is very common, and it is not so far.

Where the resistance is generated:

1. Connect the plug of the controller to the battery and the plug of the motor.

Good connectors are gold-plated and silver-plated, usually copper or copper-plated, and the worst is iron. The time will oxidize for a long time, resulting in contact resistance. When a large current passes, it will generate heat, and in severe cases it will burn black.

2, the fuse. Bad contact. The clip is not tight and the pressure is not true.

3. The electric lock switch connected to the main circuit.

4. Battery solder joints are soldered.

5. The battery cable is too thin or copper wire. The line length is not good either.

6, the wrong line. For example, the controller is connected to the battery with a thin red wire.

7. Poor contact of the battery box output or contact.

If it is a serious part, it is easier to find, such as burning black. But if there are some problems, it is more difficult to find. There are some resistances that can't be accumulated. A 5 amp current of 5 ohms produces a 5V drop. When the 36V battery reaches the motor, there is only 31V left.

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