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The New Trends In 2017 Cell Phone Market

1.Full screen

The domestic mobile phone market has a common phenomenon, which is good gains popularity very quickly. Last year's Xiaomi MIX full screen concept cellphone was quite a hit indicating that high-screen share and a comprehensive screen are very attractive to consumers. Curved screen is not fresh, and this will inevitably make more flagship machine look toward a comprehensive screen.

2.Curved Screen

In 2016, we already had Samsung S7 edge, millet note2, Huawei mate9 pro, glory magic, vivo Xplay6 and Gionee M2017 and other mobile phones are equipped with a surface screen, and sales are good.

Although the surface screen is not fresh, but still the mobile phone shape to seek to change one of the important methods, and with the technology mature, surface screen manufacturers and sources are more and more, the cost of natural decline a lot, this Means that there will be more mobile phones or even thousands of machines can use curved screen.

3.AR to replace VR as a new hot spot

VR in the last year didn’t appear good on the use of mobile phones, this year should be a greater improvement, but the VR boom has been retreated, and 2017 is likely to become AR of the world. Support AR mobile phone will appear frequently in the market, and many AR games have long appeared in the market, I believe AR will become the next outlet.

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4.Wireless charging may be a flagship standard

Wireless charging may seem far away from us, in fact, many smart watches have been wireless charged, and now fast charge has been popular, each product in the charge of this play gimmicks rarely, so the wireless charge may be vigorously promoted.

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