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The Price Of Car Charger

  The price of car charger

  For general-purpose car charger, most of the portable lithium battery in the field of charging, 45 to 85 yuan, some dual USB car charger, you can also provide two digital products charge. However, the car inverter this price is more expensive, ranging from 100 to 200 yuan, the scope of application is also relatively wide, can provide power to the TV, notebook computers, game consoles and other almost all electrical appliances.

  Car Charger Optional Note

  Through the above two points to find their own minds in the car charger brand and the corresponding car charger prices, the car faithful do not rush to buy, and first look at the car charger Note

  1, buy car charger, pay attention to the size of the equipment and current matching, the general portable, handheld terminal products, the standard input voltage is 5V / 700MA, while the iphone is 5V / 1A.

  2, clear their own car cigarette lighter output voltage, car output voltage of 12V, truck 24V. So the general type car charger (12v) most suitable for 12V cars, and car inverter (24V) mostly for the truck selection.

  3, pay attention to the conversion efficiency of the car inverter, and now the market flow of the car inverter power are virtual marked very high, the conversion rate is probably only between 70% to 80%, the quality is relatively good , As far as I know, Auchur car inverter conversion rate is able to reach more than 90%.

  4, select the power of the inverter, select the current more common power 130W, 150W, 180W, 300W, 500W and other specifications.

  With the continuous expansion of the automotive market, automotive supplies market is also constantly expanding, car charger as one of the automotive supplies, is also widely used, showing a versatile, portable, wireless, mini-shaped, Y-shaped, fashionable luxury version and so on.

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