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The Relationship Between 18650 Rechargeable Battery And Power Bank

The relationship between 18650 rechargeable battery and power bank

The power bank has become a hot commodity after the smart phone came out.People are more and more emphasis on the purchase of power bank,they pay more and more attention on the purchase of power bank.Apart from traditional power bank,some of people will choose the power bank box, and equipped with 18650 rechargeable battery to create their own exclusive power bank. What then shall we choose?Power bank or 18650 power bank box?


Power bank box mostly built-in with 18650 rechargeable battery.The name of 18650 rechargeable battery is quite so special,actually,its madel is based on its appearance.18 represents the bottom  diameter is 18mm,65 represents the lenghth 65mm,0 represents cylindrical form,therefore,it is known as 18650 rechargeable battery.18650 rechargeable battery is a kind of lithium ion battery, it can be repeated charge and discharge.It is often used for power bank , flashlight, some of the pen battery products,etc.The rated voltage of 18650 rechargeable battery is 3.6V-4.2V,the discharge voltage is about 3V.Until now,the maximum capacity of 18650 rechargeable battery is 3000mAh.

Discriminate the real battery from the fake battery

A real battery has a safety valve,it is the most important security mechanism.When the internal temperature is over high or the air pressure is over large,it can exhaust internal gas by the safety valve to avoid high pressure explosion.For fake battery,if the manufacturers don’t set the safety valve to reduce the cost,it is very dangerous.  


AA NiMH & NiCd rechargeable battery: height 48mm,bottom diameter 14.1mm,18650 rechargeable battery is a lot bigger than it.


Two benefits of self-assembled of power bank

First,can select battery to your own need

The advantages of the power bank box is that you can select the brand or word of mouth 18650 rechargeable battery,such as Samsung,Panasonic,Sony,etc.But dan’t buy a fake battery for cheap.18650 rechargeable battery can be used with suitable size, circuit design of 18650 power bank box,it is rather free and easy.It is similar to the DIY computer,the packaged computer has been fully assembled,but it can not guarantee that all components are satisfied with you.Although the DIY computer is a bit trouble, at least all the components are able to select battery to your own need.


Second,cheapness,can decide the capacity of battery to your own need

Normally,the most common combination of packaged power bank is to built in four 18650 rechargeable battery,the sum of the marking capacity is 10000mAh,it is difficult to detect the actual capacity of battery: the batteries are welding and difficultly replaceable.As the power bank box is parallel design,if the 18650 power bank box is marked it can be up to 4 pcs of batteries,you can understand that it needs to install 1-4 batteries.

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