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The Three Main Material Of Battery Core Of Power Bank

The three main material of battery core of power bank

Nowadays,there are threemain material of battery core of power bank:Lihium cobalt oxide battery,Nickel cobalt lithium manganate battery,Lithium iron phosphate battery.

Lihium cobalt oxide battery: oversize AA NiMH & NiCd rechargeable battery,18650 rechargeable battery

The charateristics of Lihium cobalt oxide battery are: battery structural stability,high specific capacitance,outstanding combination properties.Its standard voltage is 3.7V.However,its security is poor,and the cycle times of the battery core are relatively low,only about 300 times.It is widely used for the battery of laptop.

Nickel cobalt lithium manganate battery: is the mainstream lithium polymer battery today

Nickel cobalt lithium manganate battery is what we often call lithium polymer battery.Its polymer lithium ion is instead of gel polymer. This polymer is solid or colloidal.Its service life is up to 500 times: longer than the 18650 rechargeable battery.It is high safety factor.Nickel cobalt lithium manganate battery is the most widely used battery material today,The mainstream power bank smanufacturers always use this new material of battery core.However, this kind of battery will also pollute the environment.


Lithium iron phosphate battery: a new battery material

Lithium iron phosphate battery is a new kind of battery in recent years. For the time being,it is the best security battery. The number of charging recycle is over 2000 times.It is high security and no pollution.But this power bank has two fatal shortcomings: large volume and high prices.These two factors decide that this battery is rarely used in power bank. The Lithium iron phosphate battery is used in large volume of tools such as electric vehicle, small energy storage battery, lawn lamp and electric tool,etc.   

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