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The U Disk Type Mini Power Bank

The U disk type mini power bank

Nowadays,The U disk type mini power bank is become a necessity that we always carry,The big-screen  smartphone is convinient to use but with power quickly problem.So most of people would bring a power bank for spare.The power banks today on the market are various,but they are all heavy and large,it is several times than a smartphone to put in the bag. It is hard to carry it travel here and there



The U disk type mini  power bank’s dimension:48mmx14.8mmx4.2mm,it is as big as a U disk,and it can dangle froma chain,lightly and conviniently.

The U disk type mini power bank  can be useful in case of your mobile phone’s battery is run out without a power bank.Its capacity is 230 mAh,this is equivalent to one tenth smartphone battery capacity and enough for emergency use at key moment.

The U disk type mini power bank  can be charged by a wall charger or USB port of computer. It can last 30 days standbywith One time fully charge. It can divide into three main types base on the ways for recharging the smartphone: it support micro USB,iPhone 4 interface,iPhone 5|6 interface.



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