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The World’s Smallest And Lightest Hydropower Plants: The Hydroelectric Power Bank

The World’s smallest and lightest hydropower plants: the hydroelectric power bank

With deepening the popular feelings constantly of the sustainable development view,The demand of peoples for green energy has become more and more strong.Now there is a hydroelectric power bank come into being.Due to the use of hydraulic driving,as long as there is flowing water ,it can be charged.It is suitable for peoples who are sightseeing or surviving in the wild.


This hydroelectric power bank is named Blue Freedom,it is the World’s smallest and lightest hydropower plants.Its tuibine diameter is 300px,the whole diameter is 20 cm,the weight is less than 60g.It is convinient to carry with like a common power bank.

About the structure,the hydroelectric power bank are consist of turbine,bettery core,the shell, the dive shaft,etc.The Blue Freedom hydroelectric power bank built in a 5000mAh lithium battery.When we put it in a water flow at a certain velocity,Its The built-in 5W generator can convert the mechanical energy of water into electrical energy,and store this electrical energy in the built-in battery,it is equal to a power bank which can use the flowing water to produce power.According to the official introduction,it can support power to a common smart phone for 10 hours.



The Blue Freedom hydroelectric power bank provides USB interface like a coomon power bank,it support most of smart devices on the market,such as smart phones iPad,digital camera,MP3 player,GPS and so has two output port,one USB is 1A,the other one is 2A,so it can charge two devices at the same time. You need to take out internal turbine and insert a USB cable into the USB interface when using.


The generator powe of the hydroelectric power bank is 5W, the output voltage is 5V,and the longest working hours are 4 hours.So you need to be careful not to use for a long time. For it is designed for outdoor,can work properly in the harsh environment:its maximum operating altitude is 5000 meters ,the operating temperature range is from 5℃ to 40℃,the operating humidity range is from5% to 95%. 


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