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The World’s Thinnest Wireless Charging Sticker

The world’s Thinnest wireless charging sticker

As is known to all,iPhone without the function of wireless charging.If you want to achieve this advanced function,And don’t want to use a heavy wireless charging protection sleeve,you can try to use this wireless charging sticker called MOOs.



This wireless charging sticker provides a stylish wireless charging solution,It's not like some of the bulky wireless charging protection sleeve on the market,it like a pecies of ordinary sticker,it just add a Lightning interface at the bottom to connect the iPhone.After it is fixed to the back of the iPhone, it will provide a wireless charging function.


QI wireless charging technology

The wireless charging sticker is compatible with QI standard wireless charger,it can be placed on any QI wireless charging device for charging.It is important to note that Due to the limitation on the volume, the charging efficiency of this product is relatively poor,it can supply the officer for auxiliary charging.



Due to This wireless charging sticker is just a sticker,it will not have any effedt on the use of iPhone.Moreover, the designer has added a number of fashion items for it: Added a customizable pattern on the back of the sticker,users can be free to replace.This makes iPhone more lively, and can play a certain role in the protection of iPhone.

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