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Toshiba:Make The Wireless Charging As Fast As Cable Charging

Toshiba:Make the Wireless charging as fast as Cable charging

The Wireless charging technology has great prospects,it can allow users to liberate from the wired charger,it also reduce the situation that the exposure of the charging port and the possibility of dust and liquid immersion.However,the Wireless charging technology is immature,the charging efficiency is a big problem.Toshiba recently released a new wireless charging integrated circuit: TC7763WBG Chip,Toshiba say it can make the device to realize fast wireless charging.

Compared to the existing wireless charging technology,this chip has two main features.First,it uses the QI wireless charging standard,this allows it to be compatible with other devices and uses the same standard charger.There are a lot of competing wireless charging standard,but the QI wireless charging standard is the most widely use.The other point is about charging speed,the TC7763WBG Chip can realize the highest output power up to 5W,this can be comparable with cable charging, and effectively reduce the charging time.

The chip now is not used in any hardware device, charger, or accessories,but Toshiba is starting to mass production.In the future, fast charging may be spread to any smart device.

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