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Type C wall Charger Was Born

Type C wall Charger Was Born

  Type C wall charger three concerns: High-speed transmission, Fast charging, suppression of noise

  There was no doubt USB Type C will become the mainstream of the interface technology in the next few years, its support for positive and negative insertion, high-speed transmission and two-way current for high power transmission can bring a better user experience. Such as drawing more convenient, quick charging, high speed high definition and video transmission, etc.; It also brings some problems, such as high power high speed data with noise, etc. 

  At Type C begin to make a figure, It attracts more and more attention to its related applications.

1, More than just a mobile phone and PC, Type C and VR also match each other.

Taking VR and PC devices as an example, Normally,requires a HDMI line transfer audio and video, a transmission data of USB line, adding a power cord., Not only a wide range of wiring, and the use of very limited;Using Type C technology, However,you can not only meet the power supply, data, audio and video transmission requirements, but also can transmit the information of gyroscope, position, camera, etc.

2, Considering noise suppression before the design

  At present, more and more wireless technology used for terminal, Information interference and noise suppression system has been a key issue;The high speed and high power characteristics of Type C interface makes the problem more obvious.

3, Fast charging technology and Type C wall charger calso match each other

 So far, High pass QC, PE+ MTK, Type C+PD and other fast charging solutions exist in the market. In addition Huawei fast charge FCP is similar with the Samsung private fast charge. and other technology and high pass fast charge, Anyhow,regardless of the program supports the use of Type-C interface to achieve.

  Type C has attracted much attention from the date of its birth.The emergence of Type C specifications greatly facilitate the daily use of digital devices,And with its unique advantages, quickly get a manufacturer's approval.PC computers, tablet PCs, smart phones have started to come with Type C interface.

  The industry's well-known brands from the entire industry trends, launched a series of product development on the C Type interface.Including the Type C adapter, Type C car charger,Type C wall charger,Type C data line, Type C HUB ,converters and other products will also come out one after another.

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