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Usb Wristband Charger

usb wristband charger

I believe you will not be unfamiliar to the mobile power, mobile power does give me a lot of convenience, especially the long journey, whether it is always worried about mobile phones, MP3, iPad and other electricity runs out of nowhere to charge it?

Today, we recommend a stylish and convenient but not cumbersome mobile power: usb wristband charger.

The design of the charger can be used as a novel wrist, wrist jewelry trend, its biggest advantage is convenience and good, you don't have to worry about because no electric appliances have a journey. Dull as ditch water can make your mobile phone and other mobile device charging entertainment two not mistake. With this money usb wristband charger, only worn on the wrist well, connect with USB, you can charge the mobile phone is very convenient.

Because the capacity and the overall appearance of the usb wristband charger need not particularly large, a maximum of 1500mAh can provide the power supply, but this is enough. Theusb wristband charger like a watch worn on the wrist, so when it provides a charging function when you can still use the normal electronic products, does not affect the entertainment, telephone the interrupt.

At present, the usb wristband charger price is generally around $20, the price is still good, is the electronic fancier of the gospel, don't miss it.

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