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What Happened To The Mobile Phone Explosion?

What happened to the mobile phone explosion?

October 5th, Southwest Airlines on a flight, the new replacement of Note7 mobile phone burning accident occurred, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission officially launched the investigation.

In October 8th, in Minnesota, another replacement of the Note 7 mobile phone has been burning.

In October 9th, in Virginia, a replacement of Note 7 cell phone combustion, and then AT&T announced that it will not give consumers a new Note7 mobile phone replacement.

October 11th, in view of the occurrence of more than a global explosion, the Samsung Corp announced worldwide recovery of Note7, China's major sales platform is also under the shelf note7.

Why is the explosion of smart phones?

First understand how the battery work


To understand why lithium ion batteries frequently lead to accidents, we need their mode of operation have a general understanding. They have 3 main components: the end of one end of the cathode, anode, electrolyte and between the two ends. The voltage generated, will drive the lithium ion from one end to the other end, and the charging and discharging.

This process will not cause problems for most of the time, but if there is a problem, the problem will become very serious, and will quickly deteriorate.

These problems are not necessarily in your first charge to the intelligent mobile phone will happen; they will slowly form. "Your battery after a lot of charge and discharge cycles may become less strong." the more things go wrong, will cause the destruction of the chemical reaction. It will be more simple, the lithium ion battery is very complex, once the error will lead to serious consequences.



Mobile phone explosion reason:

(1) experts said: the main reason for the phone explosion is the battery itself. Due to the internal defects of the battery, the battery itself is not charged, the case does not discharge explosion.

(2) short circuit. This is less likely. In addition, consumers will be placed next to a high temperature or flammable items, but also may cause an explosion.

(3) long term battery charge. Lithium battery in a special temperature, humidity and poor contact and other conditions or the environment may instantly discharge a large amount of current, triggering spontaneous combustion or explosion.



Preventive methods

(1) as far as possible the use of the original charger

The original charger can ensure the safety of the battery, the charger is not compatible with the electrical failure, it will damage the battery explosion.

(2) do not modify the phone at random

Mobile phone manufacturers will be strict on its security research, however, when the modification, everything will change, easy to cause the phone's explosion.

(3) do not put the battery in a high temperature environment

High temperature will cause the battery to heat up, very easy to explode, charge or place the phone, choose to stay away from the high temperature, but also to avoid direct sunlight in the summer.


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