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What Is MFi Certificate?

Many people would notice if their cell phone charger can power an iPhone when buying a power bank. In mobile power parameters, however, we often can see a certified MFi, most of us are not very clear about what it means, but today we are gonna share with you all this knowledge.

MFi is an abbreviation for "made for iPhone / iPod / iPad", which is approved by Apple for the use of an authorized manufacturer. If the mobile charger passes the Apple certification, authorized manufacturers can print this logo on the package.


MFi logo has very strict rules of use, so far certification rate is only 2% due to Apple's superior quality requirements in order to maintain the product life cycle and protect the brand image.If you want to pass certification, you must ensure the quality and compliance with Apple. And authorized products must go through multiple tests before they can get the certification license. Whether it is product design, product quality or product compatibility, the MFi certified products enjoys a more reputable prestige than others.

The ability to apply for and successfully obtain the MFi license has become proud exhibition for an Apple accessories manufacturing enterprises.


At present, Apple has a clear and mandatory requirements for all authorized dealers. Phone accessory dealers must sell certified and authorized brand accessories products.  Apple will not make any warranty to improper use of unauthorized accessories causing damage to Apple products. So if you buy a genuine licensed iPhone or iPad, please try to choose chargers with MFi certificates.

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