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What You May Not Know About Buying A Car Charger

In general, now the private car and SUV internal USB interface is divided into two kinds of car and cigarette lighter interface. Most of them is located in the central armrest box, glove box, which is not very convenient, so most people do not charge it as a mobile phone only. The cigarette lighter interface USB charging adapter, is the vast majority of people use the car charging method.

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Be sure to choose dual USB car charger

The so-called double USB, refers to the two USB interface. Because at the same time can charge two USB charging equipment, for example, two mobile phones, or a mobile phone an iPad. When buying, pay attention to whether the width of the two USB interface is appropriate, whether at the same time into the two commonly used USB charging cable without crowding.

Note that the total output, but also concerned about the single-port output

In general, the car charger will give you a marked total output power, some people think that as long as the total power is enough, OK. However, once the single-port output is not enough, or will encounter some of the larger power consumption of digital products even if the plug can not charge the situation, such as iPad.

For simplicity, if you buy the car charger to support the total output 5V / 3.6A, single port output maximum 5V / 2.4A, then no matter what you use the phone, with an iPad at the same time charging no problem.

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To support quick charge

Quick charging technology has been applied in a large number of Android phones. The advantage of fast charging is to greatly reduce the charging time and improve the charging efficiency.

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