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What You Should Know About Car Charger

Cellphone is a indispensable device for everyone.However, when the phone power is less than 50% and you happen to need to go out for a business meeting, low power is really a nuisance. You may charge your phone on your USB charging interface in your car while driving, and unplug the cable after reaching your destination. The USB charging interface now is equipped in most modern cars. Nevertheless, the electric current running through is generally not enough for all electronics. That is when we need a quick car charger using the current from a cigarette lighter to charge your cellphone or laptop via an USB port.

There are hundred of brands for car charger. Choosing from any of them is not as easy as pie. Yilon technology here will offer you some basics you should know:

1. High-power car charger always charge faster. Usually the specification is briefed on the exterior package, customers should notice enough to make a sound choice.

2. QC technology is essential for a car charger. QC refers to quick charging technology, a new technique developed in recent years. Car charger with this technology takes much less time to charge your device. The volume of current is adjusted automatically for different devices.

3. Rising temperature in a car charger or your device while charging is perfectly normal. Electric current heat up both devices to a certain degree. Unless you feel it is extremely hot, it is normal and safe to heat up a bit while charging.

Yilon technology is a professional car charger manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China. We produce charging equipment from car charger to power banks and bluetooth speaker. Check out our website for further information please.

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