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Which 10000mAh Power Bank Is Best?

which 10000mAh power bank is best?

Recently a friend to buy a mobile power, to facilitate travel,which 10000mAh power bank is best,to share in his purchase of a hard electricity at about 10000mAh and inexpensive experience.

1 capacity and interface

He chose this has two interfaces, you can also give two phones two times.

One is 1.0A, the other is 2.0A. fully meet the needs of my day outside, simply do not have to worry about the phone to take pictures without electricity.

2 weight and convenience

His this is 177g, and it is also very convenient to carry, do not want a lot of mobile power so cumbersome.

3 multi function and material

It is next to the aluminum alloy material, not the kind of plastic, beautiful appearance, it is very fashionable.

Also comes with LED flashlight, and LCD display frequency, feeling great.

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