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Which Parts Are Necessary To Make A Car Charger Become A High Quality One

Which parts are necessary to make a car charger become a high quality one

     As a charger which is used in car,car charger has become more and more popular for car owners.Car charger is not only used to charge mobile phones,but also can supply power for digital devices such as computer,GPS,driving recorder,etc.Some of the car charger came with multiple cigarette lighters and USB ports which can meet the needs to charge a variety of devices at the same time.So,Which parts are necessary to make a car charger become a high quality one?

1.Plastic shell 

     The first imprassion of a car charger is its entire shell design,different manufacturers have different shell design.There are various car charger in the market,such as rose type car charger,bullet type car charger,banana type car charger and so on.These products offer different options for different users.Some manufacturers use a metal shell instead of the plastic shell.The ABS fireproof material shell must be polished so that the surface will be good handle in your hand.

2.Hardware contacts

    The contact of car charger is made of hardware.Hardware parts must be resistant to high temperature and tested by salt spray to ensure no rust and no fadingwhen using.In the process of using of car charger, the repeated insertion and pull out will be the loss of hardware parts,so the choice of hardware parts are required.The new shrapnel contacts is stronger than the traditional one:more flexible, more effort to use.


    PCB is the core component of car charger.A small PCB integrates a lot of parts:Resistance, diode, indicator light, fuse are all installed on the PCB.

4.USB cable

    The USB cable of car charger has different socket,such as micro USB port,mini USB port,DC port and so on.These are all according to disign for different devices and iphone or other Apple electonics.


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