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Why Do You Need A Portable Bluetooth Speaker?

With the development of wireless technology, people listen to the way the song is also more choice, from cable to Bluetooth and then WiFi, wireless products because of its convenience has become a home to go out of the selection, consumer demand for wireless products gradually increased.

But some users feel that the Bluetooth speaker is in a embarrassing position given that it is a mobile APP era. People go out with their mobile phone songs, wearing a headset is enough. And those who seek sound quality and feel that the Bluetooth speaker sound quality is not good enough, less than the traditional desktop speakers. However, few people know certain advantages of portable Bluetooth speaker.


1. mature technology, health and environmental protection (low radiation)

Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard that enables short-range data exchange between fixed equipment, mobile devices, and building personal area networks. At the same time, the Bluetooth product output power is only 1 milli watt, radiation value is only a few tenths of the phone, is a can be used for medical wireless transmission.

2.Improve your phone / tablet sound quality

Today, people use the phone every day for a long time, especially at home when the rest, but the phone outside the sound quality is poor, but also electricity, and Bluetooth speakers can be a good solution to these two problems.

Bluetooth wireless connection, so placed can be very casual, free from space constraints, but also make the sound quality is better. Life is also its strength (at least 8 hours or more), even if the phone is no electricity it can continue to work.

speaker bluetooth

3.Highly compatible, a speaker can connect multiple devices

From the wireless carrier point of view, Bluetooth is the only wireless transmitter does not require a way to connect, in short-range wireless applications, Bluetooth is also more advantages, mobile phone / tablet through Bluetooth can be connected to multiple devices, Bluetooth devices after the first pairing connection , The next time you do not need to match again.

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