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Why Need To Buy A Car Charger

Why need to buy a car charger

 In the car driving process, drivers often need to always use the phone for navigation. This will make the phone's power consumption quickly, so you have to charge the phone.

There are three common methods of charging a mobile phone in a car:

1. With the car comes with USB interfacavee to charge the phone.

2. Use the mobile power to charge the phone.

3. Charge your phone by your car charger.

Let us compare the advantages and disadvantages of several charging methods.

First of all, many owners have a misunderstanding - that car USB interface can charge the phone. In fact, the car USB interface can not charge the mobile phones, because the function of it is import songs. Moreover, the car USB output current is 0.5A, but the phone charge current is 1A or more, so use it to the phone charge will be very slow. If you use the phone navigating, at the same time, charging. You may find the phone battery is still declining. Even in some cases, the phone connected to the car after the USB will not be able to sound, temporarily unable to the driver for voice navigation.

Therefore, the main distinction between the use of mobile power and car charger. Mobile power for mobile phone charging is feasible and effective. However, the car has a battery, so why not use it? Mobile power supply easy to carry, it should be used in the outdoors and outside the car to charge the phone, so that it can play a more important role. In addition, the price of car charger is far lower than the mobile power, about one-tenth of its. It is noteworthy that not only the pursuit of cheap and poor quality car charger, which may cause harm to mobile phones and cars, and even for your security risks.

In a word, when you drive a car,car charger is your best choice to charge you phone.

Car charger, the cigarette lighter's 12V-24V voltage input into the USB 5V1A output of electronic devices. It can be for mobile phones, handheld computers and other charges. Car charger inserted in the car cigarette lighter, at least one USB, comes with USB cable or a matching line, you can easily and quickly charge the phone. Some car charger products and more useful features, such as: multi-USB, LED lights, security hammer and so on.

Our company's product car charger with good quality, variety, complete certificate, and access to the Apple MFI (made for iPhone) certification. 13-year history of the company is the best guarantee of credibility, Shenzhen YILON welcome your purchase.

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