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YILON Launch New Products—Fish Shaped Power Bank

YILON launch new products—Fish Shaped Power Bank

When traveling or on a business trip,we should meet the the cell phone power shortage Inevitably.In order to extend the standby time of mobile phone,Digital device users already used to go out with power bank,to prevent mobile phones, tablet PCs and other devices from power shortage.YILON launch new products—Fish Shaped Power Bank,shaped uniquely, compact and portable.We hope it can give users a better charging experience.

Water transfer printing fish shaped power bank

The Fish Shaped Power Bank’s unique Shape will be deeply refreshing for us,the fish shape in vivid,with the colorful water transfer printing,It will believe that the users must fall in love at first sight.It has min bodyi and convenient to carry.5000mAh large capacity,with built-in polymer electric core,The size and weight are smaller than the same quantity Power bank,Can provide a lasting life to digital devices.

The Fish Shaped Power Bank has two colors of green & yellow and blue & silver,lightweight and stylish,vigorous color,the surface feel is exquisite,Flame retardant, high temperature resistance, anti fall, wear resistance.

The size of Fish Shaped Power Bank is 145*45*45mm,and the weight is 105g,it has lightweght body,convenient to carry ang use,it will not take up too much space putting in the bag.

The mouth part of the fish is design with a standard USB output interface, and a Micro input port.

The fish tails design with a hole,we can rope through the hole for hang.

The fish Shaped Power Bank’s surface is vivid fish-scale patterns,it has clear stereoscopic impression,good anti-slip effect,the surface treatment with water transfer printing and bright colors.

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