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YILON New Design Products—Dual USB Life Hammer Car Charger With LED Torch

YILON new design products—Dual USB Life Hammer Car Charger with LED torch

In recent year,with the development of interconnect technology of car charger, the relationship between mobile phone and car is more and more closely,this also directly leads to power consumption of mobile phone become more faster.So car charger come into being and quickly spread to the majority of car owners.

 YILON new design products—Dual USB Life Hammer Car Charger with LED torch,stylish portable and appearance is unique,We hope it can give users a better charging experience.

Life hammer car charger

The life hammer design take the place of the metal head contact part.Incrisis stituations,the spacial staninless staal tip design,can be used as A Life hammer can shatter glass.

Dual USB car charger

The Dual USB Life Hammer Car Charger can charge for 2 devices at the same time.

Applies to all mobile phone brands,tablet PCs, digital cameras,MP3/MP4,GPS equipment.It is a 2A USB Car Charger,2USB standard output,current intelligent distribution,which can charge for multiple digital devices.

USB Silicone Protective Film---Silicone protective film covering the USB port,Play a protective

role in USB,but also play a decorative role.

LED torch car charger

Built-in 250mAh NIMH rechargeablelithium batteries,can be directly into cigarette lighter

charging.With LED torch design,lighting for 2 hours.


Water Transfer Printing Car Charger

A wide range of colours and patterns are available:Water Transfer Printing,white,black,etc.

Water Transfer Printing Car Charger,Use of water transfer printing technologymake it appear lifelike wood grain.


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